What material is good for the faucet valve core


At present, we often see materials for faucet valve cores on the market, including stainless steel valve cores, copper valve cores, and ceramic valve cores. Their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1. Ceramic valve core

Ceramic valve core is the most ideal material in faucet valve core, which has characteristics such as strong wear resistance, good sealing, long service life, and high temperature resistance. It is currently the most widely used high-quality product.

2. Copper valve core

Copper valve core is currently the most expensive type of faucet valve core among all valve cores. The production of copper valve core requires high quality copper, otherwise it is easy to accumulate scale after use, and the overall cost-effectiveness is not high.

3. Stainless steel valve core

Stainless steel valve core is currently a type of valve core with relatively high technical content. If the material of stainless steel is not up to standard, it is easy to rust and cause pollution to the water quality in the affected area.

When selecting the valve core of a faucet, we must choose one that matches our own faucet. The first thing to understand is whether your faucet is a single handle or a double handle, whether it is a single cold faucet or a cold hot faucet. It is also important to understand the size of the valve core of your faucet, which refers to the amount of water flowing. Small valve cores are generally not easy to buy in the market, so it is generally best to dismantle the old ones and find information from the merchant.